What is Ardanus?

Want to join a fierce battle in a mystical world where magic-infused cards are used to clash against other cardmasters? Hundreds of character cards, special upgrade cards, special attack/defence cards and countless combinations all allow for a unique gameplay experience. Explore an expansive map to defeat enemies and prove yourself a legendary cardmaster of Ardanus!

Looking for an online action card game that takes this genre to a whole new level, incorporating some of the best gaming elements within it already? Love games that feature fantasy knights, dragons, mystical beings and other creatures? Wish there was a game like this that would allow for continuous and long-term play, with constant updates, new features, new cards and maps to explore?

Our goal is to create an action-packed online card game with a memorable and intuitive gameplay experience! Check out the full description of Ardanus and check out our artwork for a preview of what's in store!

Check out our backer rewards on our official Kickstarter page - http://kck.st/11cbzsl