People, people, people. We are simply people who believe passionately in the power of collaboration and diversity. Everything we do - from distributing electronic, electrical and electromechanical components and assemblies to designing supply chain and value-added solutions - is driven by the idea of collaboration. We collaborate to make a difference. Coming together, learning together, and working together to accomplish. Collaborate to create the future together.

Diversity is who we are; a Small Disadvantaged Business and Minority Business Enterprise that believes collaboration complements diversity which drives innovation. Through our collaborative approach, we assemble a team with the experience and expertise to understand our customer’s objectives, goals, and unmet needs. As we work together and share perspectives, we design and implement innovative solutions to enhance our customer’s value chain. We are an extension of them; providing leading technology, innovative solutions, and passionate support to accomplish.

For the past 16 years, we have helped people from the aerospace, avionics, automotive, commercial, communication, defense, industrial, medical and networking industries that have helped people improve their daily lives and make a better future. Because of our talented and passionate people (past and present), our trusted suppliers and our supportive customers, we exist to help.  

Make first contact to learn more about Area51 or to meet the aliens: www.area51esg.com