Created by Ron Hoop Jones, 'Are They Hooping' is an app designed to help individuals find pickup basketball games near them or see where people are currently playing. You no longer have to have the worry of 'I hope they pick me'! This safe, easy to use and convenient app can help prevent the common misfortune of showing up to a court and no one is there. You can also keep track of where friends are playing and challenge yourself by meeting new competition. This app is made for anyone who loves to play basketball. With real-time maps and open gyms, live NBA updates , a news feed and more, how can you not download 'Are They Hooping'?

Compete and create teams with the best pickup basketball app! Start your own basketball leagues, exercise those muscles, keep super fit with a partner by your side all steps of the way and always have fun! All this is available to you seamlessly with the ‘Are They Hooping’ app.

Check out our timeline with constant basketball news. Also be sure to view our private messaging features and grow your friends list! This app is the perfect mix between finding pickup games near you and a social media network designed for basketball players.

You can now also add or view open gyms! Head over to the map to see which gyms you and your friends can play at any time throughout the day! This open gym feature is great for all hoopers, young or old. You can search through gyms by city and you can also see in miles how far hoopers are near you.

How many times have you visited the App Store to search for pickup basketball and though, 'find near me'? When you go to the gym, are you constantly hoping 'pick me'? Well with 'Are They Hooping' you can catch get connected with any player hooping nearby. Unique players that are all dedicated to the game and the thrill that comes from it are all available to you with just a tap of your finger!

Finally, every player will start with a hooper rating of 'Beginner'. As you play pickup and expand your reach, players will vote on your skill set. Boost your level to get to the highest level of 'Verified'! No longer do you have to hear every player screaming 'pick me', instead, simply check their rating! There are four levels, Beginner, Average, Hooper, and Verified. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

Hooper Scanner is also now available! Scan other hoopers and see if they can really play! To boost your rating, have friends vote on your icon in the map tab!

See you on the other side of greatness, but you need to act right away because basketball rewards your actions not speech. So pick me, and get started by downloading the app now!