South America’s Andean mountain chain is one of the world’s great mineral provinces. Extending over 4,500km along the western margin of the continent, more than 3500km of the Andes lies within Argentina.

While neighbouring Chile and Bolivia have long-established mining cultures, with Chile producing about one third of the world’s copper, Argentina’s economy has long been reliant on agriculture and has only in recent decades emerged as a globally competitive mining nation.

The Andes owes its rich mineral endowment to the tectonic framework of western South America, where major crustal plates collide and large slabs of metal-rich deep oceanic rocks are driven under older continental crustal rocks in a process known as subduction. As the oceanic rocks descend beneath the continent and are subject to increasing heat and pressure, molten rock magmas are forced upwards through the overlying crustal rocks into shallower, lower pressure areas, carrying with them precious and base metals which are emplaced into geologically favourable sites as potentially economic mineral deposits. As Argentina strives to attract capital into the resources sector, increasing recognition of the mineral potential of the country, combined with more supportive policies of central and provincial governments, especially over the past decade, have created an economic, social and regulatory environment increasingly favourable to mineral exploration and development.

Recognising the improving mining investment climate and the under-explored country’s high potential for discovery of new mineral deposits, AML was formed to take an active role in this emerging sector. AML’s directors are all senior industry professionals who bring considerable technical and commercial experience and expertise to the company.

It is estimated that at least 75% of prospective terrain in Argentina remains unexplored1. Modern geochemical, geophysical and geological methods offer AML a wide variety of new and effective exploration technologies which increase the company’s discovery potential, while drilling support to test those new discoveries is readily available.

AML’s objective is to maximize shareholder returns. The portfolio of copper-gold exploration projects, in which a 100% interest may be earned, forms a strong basis for the company’s continuing corporate growth through mineral exploration.

Expansion opportunities will be pursued by bringing successful exploration projects to production and by the acquisition of other exploration and mining ventures. Where appropriate, AML may consider offering joint venture involvement to third parties to enable the Company to explore a wider range or maintain an interest in a larger portfolio of mineral properties.

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