We start the business from a dream. Most people want to have active life and i know it as an overweight person. my father was overweight too. We lost him due to heart attack at a relatively young age of 66. I believe if he had a more active life things would be different for him. Challenge is most activities aren't suitable for non-active overweight people. You can't expect them to do crossfit from day 1.
So i want more people to be able to have more active life. Even we can let them to use bikes once a week i think that will be a big achievement.

My target clients are generally over 40 years old. I want to give them reason to use ebikes.
- The lifestyle the product offers. (Our products are mainly targeted at people over 40 years old. And we try to focus on their emotions such as happy moment. The motorbike they ride or adore in their young times maybe kid times ) )
- Unlike many brands our focus isn’t about the technical side of the bike (our bikes are technically great ) but we are focusing on emotions of our clients.
- Comfortable riding position. I know that being overweight and riding a bike longer than 10 minutes will be very painful for my bottom and so do for most people. We try to create very low pressure on people's bottom using a large saddle with memory foam in it.

We want to show you can be cool, comfortable while being active.