Armstrong Optical Ltd are well known for the supply  of a wide range of optical metrology systems; thermal imaging and thermography camera systems and accessories; industrial non-contact optical sensors; optical components & assemblies for all wavelengths.

Optical metrology systems include visible and infrared interferometers, non-contact surface profilers, autocollimators, distance measuring interferometers, optical test instrumentation for determining performance characteristics such as MTF etc.

Thermal imaging and thermography cameras are available ranging from low cost handheld systems for operations such as predictive & preventive maintenance right through to high speed systems for the thermal investigation of fast processes; a growing market sector for thermography is the use of such systems for non-contact, full field non-destructive material testing – thermography lends itself to the NDT of carbon-fibre and glass-fibre composites; in addition customised or bespoke surveillance systems can be produced to exactly match end-user requirements and previous systems have included thermal and visible cameras, image intensified cameras, laser rangefinders, digital compass and GPS.

Industrial non-contact sensors include systems for measuring glass container 3D shape and wall thickness, vacuum-compatible sensors for the semi-conductor industry for measuring the thickness and roughness of Si wafers and the dimensioning of blind-vias. The integration of these sensor systems into production lines to perform in-line 100% testing is a specialty.

Optical components and optical & opto-mechanical subassemblies are usually made to end-user specification and can be as simple as a single lens right through to a continuous zoom infrared objective, athermalized and ruggedized for “hostile” environments.