Types of Dubai Visa for Sri Lankans.

14 Day Visit Visa
    Validity Period: 60 days from date of issue
    Stay Period: 14 days
The 14 day visit visa to Dubai cannot be extended.

30 Day Visit Visa
Validity Period: 60 days from date of issue
    Stay Period: 30 days
The 30 day visit visa is non extendable. If any individual overstays the 30 day timeframe will have to pay an overstaying fine for every extra day he/she stays.

90 Day Visit Visa
Validity Period: 60 days from date of issue
    Stay Period: 90 days
The 90 day visit visa to Dubai can be used for 3 purposes. They are:
Travellers and holidaymakers who are planning to visit Dubai for a long holiday can opt for this visa type.

Suitable for Sri Lankans who are visiting their family members or relatives residing in Dubai.

Can also be used by individuals travelling to Dubai for business or investment purposes.

Dubai Visa Fees
The rates for a Dubai visa from Sri Lanka are:
14 days visa - 13,400 LKR
30 days visa - 14,700 LKR
90 days visa - 39,060 LKR

Is the Dubai Visa fees refundable?
The Dubai Visa application fee is non-refundable even in the case of the visa getting rejected.

What payment methods are accepted for Dubai Visa?
The Dubai Visa fees can be paid directly with cash or by bank transfers.
Dubai Visa Requirements for Sri Lankans

The documents required for Sri Lankans to apply for a Dubai visa and get it issued are:
Clear colour scan of applicant’s passport personal details page (Passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of travel.)

If the applicant has a reference person living in UAE, a colour scan copy of the reference’s residence visa page.

If no reference in UAE, a letter from an individual working in a reputed Sri Lankan company OR a letter from the individual’s current employer.

How do I submit the required documents?
You can submit the documents by visiting our Colombo office, send it via WhatsApp or email it to us.

Dubai Visa Online

The Dubai Visa can be easily applied by sending the necessary supporting documents via WhatsApp or email. The visa once processed will be sent back to you by WhatsApp or email.

Dubai Visit Visa from Sri Lanka

What is the processing time for a Dubai visit visa from Sri Lanka?
The visa procedure usually takes 2 to 3 working days.

What is the procedure to get a Dubai Visa from Sri Lanka?
Collect all necessary documents and submit to Arooha office for inspection.

After all documents have been screened, the documents will be sent to Dubai Immigration for processing.
Once the visa has been issued, the soft copy will be emailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations for solo women travellers?
Yes, solo female travellers need to acquire an affidavit of support from any family member living in the UAE.

Is it mandatory to state my purpose of visit to Dubai?
The only reason we require you to mention your purpose of visit is so that we can advise you on the best Dubai Visa.

How many days in advance should I apply for my Dubai Visit Visa?
The best time to apply for your dubai visa is between 60 to 3 working days prior to your preferred date of travel.

Is it possible to visit other Emirates with a Dubai Visit visa?
As long as you hold a valid Dubai Visit Visa you can visit any of the other 6 Emirates.

Is there a minimum age limit to apply for a Dubai Visit Visa?
Yes, there is. Males below 21 years and females below 25 years cannot travel without being accompanied by either of their parents or husband.