Real estate returns on lake property in BC have a phenomenal track record. However, price increases at destinations such as the Okanagan and Shuswap have caused developers and purchasers of waterfront property to look elsewhere.

Arrow Lakes features flat waterfront property in a spectacular and pristine environment with warm, swimmable water.  Waterfront property that starts at less than $100,000 for 100' of walk on sandy waterfront and goes to $400,000 for a fully serviced high end development provides a solution to anybody looking for that perfect lakefront property!

Arrow Lakes Developments Ltd (ALDL) is owned by the L. Moir Family Trust of Calgary, AB. ALDL was incorporated to develop properties on Arrow Lakes, the first being Galena Shores http://www.galenashores.com and the second is Fortunes Landing http://www.fortuneslanding.com.  Our Mission is to provide spectacular waterfront properties to our investors at founder's prices.