On April 26, 2012, local "made in NY" grassroots art venue, art Nonjudgmental by KL Reyes debuted FIRST featured artist, Frank Jackson at venue home, Local 138 Bar/Lounge (L.E.S., NYC) --

Says Kim Laing-Reyes, Founder - endearingly termed the Shy Art Aficionado, "the modest role that I "aim to play" would be somewhat of an Art Venue Coordinator/Manager responsible for seeking out (and accepting, should the venue be contacted first) local New York City talent: struggling, up-and-coming; undiscovered, untapped amateur artists, covering art [fORM] from the obscure, to the abstract, to the modern, to the traditional – and everything in between. “art Nonjudgmental's”© venue will additionally focus on identifying creations from/by our local NYC special needs artists and youth talent (expanding to photography, written & spoken word), applying the same dedication and compassion in ensuring that ALL forms of artwork are fairly represented."

art Nonjudgmental's mission is to ensure that potential featured artists are represented in a judgment-free environment - ZERO pretentiousness.  There are no rigid, unfair and unrealistic requirements and the venue respects that a sole set of eyes shall not be the spokesperson for the "masses."  Art is interpreted/viewed/heard differently by all and with that in mind, art Nonjudgmental will never turn away or refuse to show an artist..