Artists have always been interested in sports. I propose you here in this gallery my vision of water sports, winter sports and some paintings on the glide said urban, skating and skateboarding.

Water sports
For all that you want, originally windsurfing, or if you prefer, who wants me to create, to paint. It is often said that a painter seeks to make his own collection although he does not find elsewhere. This was my case. My first works that you can find on this site have been submitted about windsurfing. I tried to transcribe the movement, the sensations (yes I'm sailing too) on a canvas.
windsurfing painting
Subsequently, I extrapolated to other water sports such as surfing, or a movement on art is very present, surf art, with his first works that date back 3000 years, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, jet skiing , sailing ... With time painting has become assertive (well, I hope so). I simplified my palette, my style ... Is it successful? For you to say

Winter sports
It came later. Extend to other sports, while remaining in the culture slips. Skiing and snowboarding arrived on my easel. Close-up subjects, skiers in the slope, snowboarders in the half-pipe are all possible sources of inspiration. Sometimes in a very contemporary composition, like this snowboard painting.

Skating, skating
You are also available in this category. There is also in the category "Small Prices". In the same spirit as snowboarding, urban gliding, I rather painted "riders", performing figures, tricks ... inspired by X-Games for example. I have also published several series in India ink.
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