Natalia Artemova is writer detective, romance novel, poetries, astrological articles.
On site was presented project: 'Moon Tribune'.
Project author's eClub 'Mercury' was presented in e-magazine 'Sail 4' on January 2008.
eClub is system of bonuses to readers for Natalia Artemova's books: any subscription to Get author's e-magazines: 'Sail', 'Moon digest', 'Stage-Coach', papers 'Dolphin', 'herHero, 'Spica'.
Today author's projects are free joining for everyone to July 22, 2011.
Author will be works Self-publisher after reception any status in other country: I'm is russian citizen ... I was departured to Ukraine by russian power decision that European Court has left without consideration: by EU Court's decision from January 29th, 2010 I have no any human right, any law right and any future in EU's world and Bluff-laws.  
Author asked political asylum in Australia, Austria to October 2010, but today author wants get a right to live and work among people without living in refuge.