Using content syndication by auto syndicating your articles to various places on the web can strongly increase the back-links to your article and your website. Syndication is nothing new and has been going on for many years but there are very few article directories that actually syndicate your article.

Most article directories just wait and depend upon publishers to pickup your articles to republish them on their blogs. While this may help you the hard part about it is getting those publishers to republish your articles and hope they do not remove your resource box.

This is one major reason why Auto Syndication that is done by the article directory is more powerful. If the article directory controls the sites that your articles are going to then you can be sure that everything will be done the correct and proper way.

Now some seem to think that syndication of articles is creating duplicate content and thus hurt your search engine ranking. Nothing could be further from the truth, syndication is done by many news media websites every day. If you post a press release then that press release is syndicated on thousands of sites. This does not hurt your rankings but helps it.

Taking your content or articles and distributing them works the same exact way as a press release and it will increase your rankings and exposure. Imagine posting just one article and having that article create 150+ instant back-links to your article without you doing anything.

Now imagine posting 10 articles around the same niche and have that number increased 10 times. You would have an instant 1,000 plus back-links going to your articles. This could drastically increase your rankings and articles for the keywords you are targeting.

These articles would be linking directly back to your articles that have the links leading to your sites. Which means you will not need to work so hard at building back-links to your articles since instant back-links are already built. If you bookmark your articles to about 25 places and tweet your articles then you should have no problem keeping those top listings.

This will allow you to spend more time at building back-links to your own website. We all know how time consuming building back-links are, so imagine the time you would be saving by using a system that will auto syndication your articles.

Article marketing is changing more and more each day, with new technologies and more advanced methods. Don't you think it is time for you to get in on the action and start making yourself a income online ?

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