Art in Every Classroom, Inc., is a San Francisco non-profit dedicated to bringing art classes, classroom grants and community art projects to the children of San Francisco.  We are volunteers who believe in the importance of art for the intellectual, emotional and spiritual health of kids, families and neighborhoods.

Art in Every Classroom (AEC) has created and maintained a comprehensive K-8 art curriculum at St. Gabriel School in San Francisco, providing 2 to 4 quality art classes per month to over 500 children.

AEC Microgrants for San Francisco Teachers have provided nearly $11,000 in art materials direct to over 50 classrooms, serving more than 15,000 San Francisco students.

Our community art projects include the painted mural "Play in Many Languages," a bold rendition of the word play is over 29 languages, honoring the diversity of the many families using the South Sunset Playground in San Francisco.  Also at South Sunset is the tile mosaic "Nature Stream" which is still in construction and includes over 200 community created tiles of bugs and creatures "living" in the bright scene.  AEC has just been commissioned to create a 7 foot tall wire "Thank You Tree" at Sunset Elementary School, dedicated to the many donors of the school yard greening at this school in 2011. In fall 2013, we look forward to installing an airplane themed mosaic at the renovation of Larsen Park on 19th Ave and Vicente in San Francisco and cooperating with the Help McLaren Park association to create a mosaic at McNab Lake.