New York, NY – August 15, 2013 – Artisanopolis, a new e-commerce devoted to the sustainability of  craftsmanship, offering functional or decorative handmade products, unique or produced in limited quantities, today announced the launch of its new web site, www.artisanopolis.com. Artisanopolis is designed to appeal to all interested in the knowledge and sustainability of craftsmanship, as well as craftspeople of all mediums ,

“Our goal is to redefine arts and crafts", says Gisele Tombette, founder of Artisanopolis. "Craftmanship is not a Sunday afternoon hobby. It is where arts meet functionality! Hobbies can lead to a life-altering passion. Many artisans find their calling outside of trading schools.  No matter where and how the inspiration comes, craftsmanship requires dedication, devotion, inquisitiveness. In this artistic process, artisans  equal and even surpass ancient techniques or simply create new ones. Craftsmanship calls for relentless instinct in design, aesthetics, engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry.”

Artisanopolis brings art to your doorstep, straight from the artist's shop, borne of raw materials and a vision. All works are unique by nature and appeal to all, from art collectors, to architects, interior designers and the public at large.

“Arts and crafts is about mastering a skill, no matter what skill it might be” Tombette added. “It finds its place in a hand blown glass vase; it finds its place in the restoration and revival of a grandfather clock; it finds its place in the potter's hand centering clay on the wheel. Traditional craftsmanship is, by its very nature, purposeful;  it is the soul of the artisan transferred to the object with no other purpose but to challenge oneself.

“Artisanopolis thrives to be the conductor between the artist and you."

Additional information can be found at www.artisanoplis.com.