Artisara is operated by Leverage, LLC, a company co-founded and co-owned by Andrea Tali.

Artisara is a vegan fair-trade and fair-made fashion accessories brand.  We design and produce fresh and stylish scarves, bow ties and denim ties of high quality that make a statement. All accessories are designed and made in Europe.  Many of the designs will be available only as part of limited collections.

Artisara is dedicated to compassionate clothing, to animal lovers, vegetarians, vegans and people who advocate for the ethical and fair treatment of workers, animals and eco-friendly products, to the thinkers, innovators and artists in each of us and to those who care, follow their passion and want to make a positive difference in this world.

Artisara is all about happy plant-based fabrics, colorful and fresh styles, quality materials and sewing, fair-labor and fair-trade, eco and reusable packaging . In addition 10% of Artisara’s yearly net profit will be donated to charities of their choice.