Professional and Amateur Artists alike need to keep business records to stay organized and protect the value of your art work. Artist business records like your art work catalogue, limited editions, participation in shows and exhibitions, patronage and gallery sales can be a lot of work. Wouldn't you rather be creating? We can help you get your art business organized and keep it organized while cutting your administration effort down to a minimum.

The Artist Patron Register is the world's first web-based Artist business software that structures and automates art business records, tracking artworks created, consigned or sold individually or in series (e.g. limited editions) by an Artist. Your participation in art shows, gallery exhibits and works on loan to patrons are tracked as consignments. Register transactions capture the Gallery, Patron, Edition and Serial number of every piece of art you sell. A customizable, serial numbered Certificate of Authenticity can be printed on your own printer using archival paper available at office supply stores. This is an Artist business records management system specifically designed to help Artists like you stay organized with a minimum of effort.

No special skill or software is necessary to use the Artist-Patron is intuitive and web-based so it works with your MAC or PC browser. You simply sign up for a membership, and then add, change and delete records in your own segragated database using simple online forms. Take a look at the Artist-Patron Register features page to see how this tool can help you manage your art business and your career as an Artist.