I am a freelance makeup artist in Denver, Colorado that specializes in airbrush makeup which is the best for high definition cameras and television. Airbrushing makeup covers all flaws from wrinkles to rosacea. It gives a smooth "air touched" look that is natural and lasts all day.
I also airbrush temporary tattoos that clients specially ask for. They send me the desired design and measurements and I do a template exactly as the design. I use real tattoo ink in vibrant colors which last up to 14 days. Great way to see how a tattoo will look on you if you are in doubt of getting a permanent one.
I also airbrush body art from waist on up. Again, the designs are specified by the client and I make the template. I also do alot of FX makeup, adding different methods in especially character transformations.
Lastly, I have a large HVLP compressor and tanning solutions with bronzers to give sunless tanning to any one. They last up to 4 days. I do them in a traveling pop-up tanning tent that I take with me to desired location.