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We are professionals with long experience in photography and photo editing, and we offer a large variety of photography courses, workshops, photo walks, and photography holidays.
We encourage our clients to browse our website and find what is best for themselves.
Our courses and workshops are available for groups or one-to-one sessions to fit better the client needs, or we can put available offers for familly or friends group(Please contact us for more information).

We aim to help students explore their creative skills through the world of the visual

The main purpose is that students develop confidence in using the digital camera and unleash their imagination learning through theoretical and practical sessions

For beginners, intermediate and advanced, all levels available in Central London throughout the year

Why take photography courses ?

If you ever wanted to learn about photography, how to buy a camera based on your needs and your advancement level into the art of photography, how to take a photo, and what to do with your photographs once they were taken, then you should undertake some photography courses.

Photography is an art that raised the interest of many artists and scientists who have used photography to record and study movements.
Ordinary people also named amateurs take photographs to preserve their memories, to capture the special moments from their lives, which could be more artistically captured after graduating from photography courses.

An beginner photographer practices photography as a hobby, therefore a non-profit activity. However, the definition of an amateur photographer does not also imply that the photographs taken by amateurs cannot be compared with those taken by professionals.Beginners photographers can transcend towards the level of professional photographers by taking photography courses. You could consider learning about photography by yourself, by studying books at home, but there is so many information out there that is difficult to understand where to begin and with what to end.

Photography courses will guide you through the wonders of photography, through courses and projects while also gaining the advantage of belonging to a community. The online medium is the most convenient way to study.

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