include the expert preparation of press releases, program and liner notes, biographies, grant proposals and ghost writing.  Whatever your deadline for submission or publication, Artistic Spirits Productions guarantees to meet it.


Need expertly written program notes, bios annotations or press releases for your upcoming events, business, concerts, recordings, website or social media, or for any other event or purpose? Are you in need of an expertly crafted grant proposal for your fund raising efforts? You can count on our work being well researched and persuasive, its prose lively and engaging. Guaranteed delivery to meet your deadline. My writing services are not limited to music, but available for any event or project.


At Artistic Spirits Productions we will advise you on how to:

   Identify what sets you apart and makes you unique
   Develop career strategies
   Evaluate your career with a view towards
   Cultivate  new and existing  resources
   Reinvent your public persona
   Turn concerts, recordings and public appearances into newsworthy events.
   Stimulate the interest of critics and the press.
   Turn your contacts into agents
   Develop and expand your website presence
   Pitch your recording project to sponsors and recording companies
   Research repertoire that distinguishes your concerts and recordings
   Cultivate the social media to get your ideas out there.
   Develop effective publicity, press releases and feature stories
   Identify valuable resources and put them to work
   Identify foundation grants in support of your specific goals and overall vision


We bring  a number of unique skills to the production team and effort. As a concert pianist and recording artist, Artistic Spirits director knows well  the challenges of performance and the recording process, and how important these are to any artist worth his salt. Every artist strives to realize his musical vision, and to set it forth on record in a way that reflects that vision accurately. As a long established and widely published music critic, John is  familiar with the needs, objectives, and mindset of music critics and their editors. He also knows  the kind of programming and production values that will capture public and critical attention.

Browse our shop, where you will find new and used musical scores, unusual (and often music-related)  objets d’art, and soon to come, masterclasses in piano, conducted by a number of celebrated concert artists.