Art Marketing Strategies provides to new and emerging artists who want to be successful with the vision, roadmap, tools and support to market their art successfully in today’s competitive marketplace.

Art Marketing Strategies was started by John R. Math, a successful art photographer based in Florida.  Mr. Math began his professional art photography career in 2006 and since that time he has had more than 85 exhibitions, sold his art through art galleries and to private collectors and now markets most of his artworks to the corporate art & hospitality markets.  

Though his artwork is exceptional, he was only able to achieve this success by developing (by trial and error) a comprehensive and consistent marketing strategy to expose his work to the right galleries, collectors and corporate art reps within the art marketplace.  

Mr. Math developed a marketing strategy that primarily used and took advantage of the internet through article marketing, direct email, social networking, e-newsletters, press releases and directory marketing venues to expose and successfully market his work.  All of these marketing mediums are low or no cost that many artists simply do not take advantage of.

We can be reached at Tel: 888-490-3530 or Email: jmath@artmarketingstrategy.com