The Art Petty Group is a leadership development and strategy consulting firm, serving clients in software, systems, manufacturing, retail and not-for-profit. Founded in 2006 by Art Petty, a former senior sales and marketing executive in the software industry and a popular leadership author, speaker and management writer, the firm's focus is on promoting high performance growth in individuals, teams and organizations.  

In strategy consulting, the group uses an "agile" approach that helps management teams move quickly from assessment and analysis to experimentation and implementation. The emphasis is on getting people involved, identifying high value strategic themes and then implementing an execution program that supports organizational learning and strategy refinement.

For professional development, the Group offers a limited number of highly focused professional skills development programs that blend training, workplace application of core concepts and coaching. Additionally, the Art Petty Group offers a growing family of online and on-demand offerings that blend distance learning technologies with guided self-development. The initial online offering from the Art Petty Group is the program, "Learning to Master Feedback."

For more information about the firm and services or to subscribe to the popular Management Excellence blog, visit http://artpetty.com