Limited edition art prints by well known artists today retain their social and financial value as art as they are creations of an artistic process rather than a mechanical one, and they may become rare as they are limited in number. Proper care and conservation of these treasured pieces of art has become an important concern for ardent collectors of art prints.

Art prints are prized possessions for most people and are used to adorn the beauty of homes, offices and other public places. A beautiful creation of an artist does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. In such a scenario growing concern for preservation for these works does not come as a surprise.

Aging of print arts which are mostly on paper is a natural chemical process. The increase in pollution in the environment and the different settings in which they are kept adversely affect the works of art. Some of the environmental factors that can lead to deterioration of print arts are light, humidity, heat and pollution. The fact that these art works are mostly kept in surrounding where they are not untouched by these factors further stresses the need to preserve them in the best possible manner to increase its longevity.  

Storage: Preservation does not only imply keeping them in boxes, closets or framing them but also the way they are kept. Metal cabinets or closets are better for storage of arts. Another advice is to keep each print separately and in a horizontal position.    

Humidity control: This is mostly a problem faced during winter months when the humidity is low or in rainy season when the humidity is soaring. Relative humidity most ideal for art works range from 40% and 60%. Regular checks for insects should be done.

Careful Handling during transportation: The current trend of art of online buying and selling of art prints makes transportation of art work very common. Thus the safety of art work is greatly dependent on their packaging.
Framing: The decision to get a piece of art framed or not is entirely that of owners. But to maintain the worth and value of the art print you need to protect it from direct sunlight.

Keep your Hands Away from the prints: Direct contact also is not good for these art prints.
As responsible owners of these works of art it is your duty to take care of them and preserve them in the best possible way.