Arts to Life has a number of distinct arms. One is to offer in- depth expert led study and travel programs. Another is the mounting of multi- art form exhibitions along with representation or artists and artisans. It services a Russian clientele through identifying style and overseeing execution of period rooms, recreating period furniture and collecting for special areas of interest at auction. By commission  only the company joint ventures the creation of hand painted china, engraved glass and silver dinnerware through highly skilled craftsmen.

The mission of Arts to Life through all its work is centered around its trademark name. Jessica Deutsch founded the company based on the concept of bringing the arts to life.   With a multi-dimensional background resulting from ten years as Director of Public Programs at Sotheby's, Jessica Deutsch believes that any object must be seen through the eyes of the time in which it was produced.  Arts to Life programs are structured on the premise that study of any art form, contemporary or historic, must be  through a cultural experience of all the arts of that period.  Arts to Life's approach is that only by seeing how  the arts act uniformly like instruments in an orchestra can one understand a painting or object.  Programs while focusing on a specialised area of study always encompass other art forms. These include cuisine, performance, costume, and music.  This structure allows for  a portal into another age.  Viewed in its own time an object comes to life. Every study, even a single lecture, offered by the company includes social history, and cross reference to the other arts.  All programs include a faculty of experts and scholars. Hands-on study of objects is central to an objective of providing guidelines for collectors. The programs, always for small groups, alllow access to private collections and places not open to the public.

Arts to Life has been succesful in placing work from each of its represented artists in museum collections. Exhibitions are staged on a pop-up basis, taking place wherever space can be found. Exhibition related activities have been held in London, New York, Milan and Paris. The exhibition side of the business is entirely separate to the educational and there is no commercial activity on study programs other than the registration.  Exhibitions are curated by Jessica Deutsch on the same premise of the programs in that art forms must be seen in dialogue with one another. Each exhibition includes fine art, decorative art, jewelry and high end craft and work is drawn from local artists or other galleries.

Arts to Life was incorporated in New York in 1997 and grew its database only by word-of-mouth with no advertising from a few hundred persons to seven thousand in five years. Within this number there are five hundred repeatedly returning clients. When it operated in New York Arts to Life was the only culture and study related organisation performing independent of attachment to a museum, auction house or Alumni associiation. In 2001 the company received special commendation and an award of merit from the National Historic Foundation for Preservation of Art and  Architecture.
Arts to Life closed its New York office in 2002 and relocated to London to open as Arts to Life Ltd. This was chiefly because a client base coming from Russia led to the development of a new area of enterprise. Recreating period interiors and decorative arts through skilled artisans continues to be a major activity,  always only by commission. This now in joint enterprise  encompasses hand painted china , hand engraved glass, work by expert goldsmiths and silversmiths. None of this is posted on the web site as each commission is particular to a client.
Jewelry is a speciality area as it is the particular expertise of Jessica Deutsch. Jewelry programs rotate between London, Paris, Milan , New York and Antwerp. In each center there are experts, jewellers, dealers and curators who participate in each program.
History and providing information is a key objective and each activity is placed socially, politically or historically through accompanying materials, exhibition boards or information posted on the website.
The company does minimal advertising,
Other activities have included creating programs for Sotheby's London, running jewelry courses for American Women in England, identifying corporate missions for Museums in the UK and promoting artisan craft from South Africa.