Art Duy, owner and founder of ArtStone Tile Systems (ATS), has invented a new system of tile stone tile assembly that may be used for counter tops, desk tops or wall applications.  
This system is designed to substantially decrease the cost of producing quality surfaces far superior to that of conventional tile setting.  Geared towards the individual looking for an economical business opportunity, ATS has refined the footsteps as well as minimizing tool requirements making this an opportunity with a cost below $2,000 to enter the granite counter top industry.  With precise data assembled over 11 years of successfully completing 3,000+ projects, it is realized that a company solely operated by a single person can produce and install granite tile counter  tops 15-20% below the least expensive laminate offered in big box stores.  This low cost of entry will be particularly appealing in tail markets not able to sustain the high cost of granite slab fabrication.  Given our current economic situation, with many trades people out of work, an opportunity with such a low cost of entry should be quite appealing.
With average water use of 3 gallons or less per kitchen, the longevity of the product  and a material waste factor of approximately 3%, ATS surely has an environmentally  friendly solution for the industry.