As a local, family operated small business, I wanted to take this time to tell you a little about our company, ARVA, and how we can reduce the energy consumption across your property tremendously.

Our HyLite Induction lights, LED lights, and Retrofit Kits can reduce energy bills from 60% to 90% and significantly reduce costs, as they require zero maintenance for several years. They are truly long-lasting, with up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation (60,000 with LED lighting). This translates to a lamp life of 15 to 23 years, at an "on time" of 12 hours a day. They heavily help reduce carbon footprints and also contribute to LEED points for those seeking certification. However, although the energy consumed is significantly reduced, the light output is exponentially increased. Our products also qualify for many incentives and rebates (both from utility providers and the State/Federal Government), reducing the cost of initial investment tremendously.

There is a copy of our condensed catalog and brochure on our website at http://www.arva.us for your review. Additional information regarding rebates/incentives, photos, and video clips are also available on our website. Whether you are looking to offset energy costs, increase visual awareness, or reduce your carbon footprint, ARVA's products are designed to provide you with reliable, economical, and sustainable options for your energy needs.