As the only full service provider for real-time cargo monitoring in the market, arviem solutions provide exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain.  arviem enables their customers with the ability to manage major events as they occur throughout chain of custody.
Importers/exporters are commonly affected by interruption and delays in the supply chain.

The conventional used reporting systems hardly allow having an overview on the complete shipping process. The transparency and the overall control of the supply chain is therefore not given. As by now, each trade party gathers and reports trade transaction data at every stage of the supply chain by itself. These proprietary trade systems are not connected and often involve paper based transaction trails and updates.
This results in poor end-to-end data timeliness and creates visibility, quality, and integrity issues. It is for example not uncommon that trade data, collected by different players along the supply chain, can diverge by a factor of nearly 20%.

Because of the inefficient and vague control on the supply chain, importers and exporters have to face the following challenges:
•     30% of all shipments are either damaged or delayed,
•     15% of companies‘ logistics costs are either inventory costs or safety costs,
•     30% of all perishable goods never reach the end destination,
•     1 in 5 cargo claims is due to moisture, or
•     $ 60B of stolen cargo worldwide
Operating a global supply chain without really knowing where the cargo is, that cargo's condition (quality), who has custody of it, or when a major event occurs, is experiencing the supply chain, not managing it.

arviem is offering a real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring service which empowers clients with actual real-time data. Critical decisions can be taken when they need to be taken to correct negative trends before they become costly problems.