Arvis Consulting, Inc. and Arvis Eco were built upon the foundation of a long history as a custom home builder and developer focused on individualized service and exceptional craftsmanship.

Like many builders and developers, Arvis became caught up in the results of our shifting economy, an increasingly complicated bureaucracy, and the confusion of emerging green programs and practices. Most importantly Arvis became driven by the desire to advance the building industry responsibly, believing that we can always do better. There are many smart people in our industry and practically infinite opportunities to improve. We can land plan better, design and build smarter with adaptable and right-sized structures. We can increase the efficiency of our structures through the technologies and methods available today and even more so with improvements of the future. There is plenty of opportunity to look at an individual piece, process, product or system and ask, “how can this be better.” And that’s exactly what we did.

Arvis Consulting, Inc. specializes in offering consultation of site and product conceptions, specializing in urban infill locations.

Arvis Eco specializes in developing innovative, economical and practical solutions and products that solve needs to achieve energy efficiency and green practices. Arvis Eco is a member of the US Green Building Council and the National Association of Home Builders.