Asaan is a social commerce platform that enables shoppers to discover and buy the best products curated by our community with great taste.

With Asaan you can:
Shop things you love easily, online, and on your mobile
Discover amazing things your friends love and find the store to buy it from
Share what you shop and recommend it to others
Create your own shopping list and share it with others
Find your style and things curated for you
Be part of a community of shoppers and find inspiration

Asaan helps you discover fashion, trends and shop products you love from the India’s top brands and retailers. Liking beautiful things and sharing them with your friends and followers is also easy. The more you swipe and like our curated product stack, the better items we’ll show you.

The app brings together a community of experts and enthusiasts sharing their favourite products, making online shopping personalized. It reduces the clutter of online shopping by presenting choices that meet your personal taste from a wider trend. Our users share the products they like and where they are available, Asaan shopping engine then personalises this by picking a product stack that meets your interest and style.

Share your style and preferences with your friends and followers and inspire them to find amazing new things. Each time you recommended a product you help improve the Asaan community and inspire others to follow your taste.