ASA Chicago 2010-2011 Executive Officers 

President, Michael Hancock - Divane Brothers Electric Company
Vice President, Karsten Pawlik - Alpine Demolition Services, LLC
Treasurer, Rich Flynn - FOCUS Business Systems
Secretary, Bobby Claypool - Alliance Metal and Glass
Ex-Officio, Kay Anagnos - Anagnos Door Company, Inc.

ASA Chicago 2010-2011 Board of Directors 

Sam DeAngelo - JADE Carpentry Contractors, Inc.
Terry Hagy - RentalMax
Peggy Hrindak - Phoenix Business Solutions
Karen Johnson- Roughneck Concrete Drilling & Sawing Company
Maureen Lucenti - McWilliams Electric
Jim Naylor - Assurance Agency
Margery Newman - Deutsch, Levy & Engel, Chartered
Roger Paveza - Assurance Safety Consulting
Ron Phillips - AON Risk Services
Jim Pinkos - Jaymor Electric, Inc.
Larry Wendt - Syscon, Inc.
Amber Zurcher - Evergreen Supply Company