ASAI is the “full-service” ATM and Cash Access Company specializing in the needs of the gaming and white label ATM industries. Its innovative approach to incorporating all the best financial processing products and services under one roof has branded ASAI an industry leader. ASAI currently processes more than 4000 ATMs in 49 states; making it one of the largest bank sponsored ATM processors in the United States. In their current fiscal year, ASAI will dispense over Three-Quarters (3/4) of a billion dollars, paying clients in excess of $24,000,000 in surcharge revenues for over Twelve (12) million transactions. Through strategic alliances with powerhouse transaction processing and equipment companies like WorldPay, CDS, Diebold, Certegy, NRT, and Western Money Systems, ASAI can provide any client the financial tools needed to keep cash flowing. ASAI also owns and operates its own in-house ATM processing platform “DataStream”, that allows clients to develop custom processing solutions while at the same time eliminating “middleman” transaction pricing structures. In addition to our transaction processing programs, ASAI specializes in providing cash vaulting funds and armored carrier services for loading almost any ATM in the country. Additional information about ASAI products and services is available at www.asaiatm.com