Simply put, ASAKEOGE is a statement that describes the energy and spirit of Africa. Passionate. Creative. Bold. I founded ASAKEOGE as a company that would design, produce, market and deliver sophisticated designer brand for work, casual and occasion wear among fashion-conscious men and women.

ASAKEOGE designs celebarate African culture; wears that mix ethinc ideas with werstern silhouettes. This provides individuality for the person who like modern with a quirky twist. My designs are for people who want to be trendy yet express their African heritage, stylish yet innovatively mixing the western with the indigenous without loosing the native essence.

The key characteristics of the label are:

*High-End Low Price Combo: this reflects the ethos of the label by producing high end designer fashion at affordable prices, this differs from the many high street stores that produce affordable fashion with a compromise on quality and make.

*Innovative Designs: With classic yet modern lines.

*Quirky Twist: The use of ethnic prints and influences on a range of designs.

*Limited Edition: The ready-to-wear range is of limitededition as we only make six to ten pieces of each design and never repeat designs. This allows for uniqueness in every item u but from us.