Purpose & Misison...

ASAOPE endeavors, through the Performing Arts, to create projects that express the Ultimate Potential of the Human Spirit – while working to address the needs & hopes of the Human Condition.

Believing that “HOLLYWOOD” is our world’s most opportune form of communication, ASAOPE works through the medium of Film, Stage, & TV to create profound works-of-art that not only entertains thoroughly the mind & senses, but also nourishes the Heart & Soul.

In particular, ASAOPE works with Hollywood through a mutually beneficial “win-win” approach: realizing that “message-oriented” films are rarely popular enough for the business of Hollywood to (understandably) support enthusiastically – these much-needed films with the potential to literally transform lives simply do not provide our mainstream audiences with the “quality” of entertainment that translates into “BLOCKBUSTER” tix-sales appeal – ASAOPE aspires to bridge this gap by producing “raw/gritty” films, based on true-life stories, that both quench our mainstream thirst for escapist “action/sex/comedy” entertainment, but not in gratuitous fashion; rather, to specifically show in palpable ways the ultimate Power of Unconditional Love, and its undeniably proven potential to conquer even the most horrific of human conditions.

ASAOPE envisions this synergistic marriage between “the best of both worlds” to attain for such quality message-oriented films that truly inspire us the commercial success & critical acclaim they deserve – and thereby effectively reach our mainstream audiences.

Working Philosophy...

ASAOPE wholeheartedly believes in & embraces the new industry paradigm known in the business-world today as TRANSPARENCY.

This enlightened business paradigm, subscribed to by some of the most famous businesspeople in our world, is simply about two (2) things: CHARACTER & GUTS – the character to conduct business with honest openness, sincere communication, and responsible accountability; and the guts to be a visionary, with radical “out-the-box” thinking, and the courage to authentically express one’s Truth in a way often shied-away from due to its controversially provocative exposure of our world’s most exigent social issues.

The new business paradigm is the epitome of the proverbial “win-win”, as it both assures the utmost production quality in the services/products of any business, and also assures the highest rate of return-business for those services/products.

We believe wholehearted dedication/commitment to the Art of Transparency is indeed the future & salvation of business on this planet.