Ascend HR Corp is the leader in recruitment process enhancement and the only full-service recruitment firm in the US that offers unlimited placements on a subscription basis. Instead of charging large recruitment fees per placement like a contingency firm, we have designed an innovative, cost-certain pricing structure that is more business-friendly.

Ascend HR Corp collaborates with clients for the best results without duplicating efforts or requiring the outsourcing of the entire recruitment process like RPO (recruitment process outsourcing). We also don’t require long-term contracts like RPO’s, which reduces the risk and upfront costs of implementing our service.

Our cohesive team’s focus is on helping our clients improve their internal processes, and to help better execute at any step within the talent acquisition process. Ascend HR Corp also helps clients to better utilize all of the available tools within their recruitment technology in order to attract the best talent in the most efficient and effective manner.  This flexibility allows our clients to continue improving their recruitment results long after using our services.