The men and women of the American Society of Construction Professionals & Engineers (ASCPE) do the hard, dangerous and sometimes dirty work of building our country.

ASCPE—the American Society of Construction Professionals & Engineers—is the most progressive, aggressive and fastest-growing association of construction professionals and engineers, and one of the most diverse and effective associations representing construction professionals and engineers.

ASCPE members are on the forefront of the construction industry – a sector that is a powerhouse of 12 million workers producing 5 percent of our country’s economic output.

We are united through collective bargaining agreements which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits and the opportunity for advancement and better lives.

With all of the proposed changes to work laws, the best protection for all working families is to be part of an Association. If you know of any friends or work-mates that aren’t in an Association, sign them up.

The greater the membership, the greater the capacity to fight with both hands out in front, instead of having one hand tied behind our backs.Working with delegates and active members the ASCPE provides strong representation to all our members and fights for increases in wages, conditions and workplace health and safety.

The ASCPE covers a range of professionals across the construction industry and assists them in wage claims, unfair dismissal cases and ensuring they are treated fairly at work.

As an ASCPE member you will be part of a united team of workers and professionals who are members of an Association.