A Sharp Recording Studio is one of the most sophisticated and the oldest recording studio in Sydney. Recently the studio was completely renovated and upgraded with new acoustics, the latest hi-tech equipment and much more. The goal was simple; building a world class recording studio in terms of equipment, acoustics, professionalism and environment at the same time keeping the prices affordable.

It took more than 4 months of intensive work for turning the old ASharp Studio into a new world class studio. As of October 4th, 2014 A Sharp opened its doors to the public and not a day too soon. Musicians, song writers, and audio engineers alike have been coming through the door non-stop and it is most certainly a good feeling for everyone.

Located in Sydney, Australia; with a ton of new sophisticated digital and analog equipment; grade-A acoustics designed by David Spargo - a lecturer of acoustics at the Sydney's University and owner of  Praxis Acoustics; audio wiring by Greg Cameron of Amandala Technologies and former head engineer at EMI studios in Sydney and Grammy winning Producer-Mixer-Engineer, also known as an audio engineer of Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Bjork and many more; with flutter-free walls from RPG, materials for the first time used in a recording studio in Australia and with a new modern interior studio's design, A Sharp today represent a great working-living space and a first-class establishment in the world of audio recording engineering. Building this studio was always a dream of mr. Richard Lake, who didn't save neither money or time to build his dream, carefully choosing only the top professionals in their field to give their contribution on this project.

The audio engineering team of A Sharp Recording Studio is consisted of Jeff Cripps, the former owner of the studio and award winning music producer and audio engineer; Richard Jack Guy who has returned from London and is well known because of his diligent work and paying attention even to the smallest details. INXS and Sugrababes and just few of the many music stars that Richard have been working with. The Englishman and the owner of the studio and founder of mixingAudioPros Richard Lake is also part of the audio engineering team. Richard have been in the music industry, the most of his professional life. He is classically trained musician, playing piano, guitar and oboe. As a part of London orchestra, he have been playing in a lot of prestigious locations like Royal Albert Hall. According many people in audio engineering industry he is a top notch audio engineer, having born sense and well trained ears for knowing exactly what and when something is needed in one song and how it needs to be done.

A Sharp will also provide unattended mixing with the help of US engineer Cedrick Courtois (Lenny Kravitz, Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Earshot, Ludacris, Solange Knowles…) and German Engineer Lukas Rimbach (Wallpaper-Hesher, Banjoory, Blessed Child, Kairo Kingdom…).