Only Ashkco tank-less instant water heating geysers receive an attention to detail design from our engineers, with the integration of ultramodern pioneering technology transformation.

Ashkco tank-less water heating geysers offer the only super stainless steel heating element that adapts to a green environment with the lowest power rating and lowest water consumption that a geyser could ever offer.

Endless saving benefits that you can count on for a lifetime.

Designed for a lifetime of savings
Designed to benefit you endlessly
Lowest power consumption rating
Highest quality of Japanese parts
Trusted investment into tank-less water heating

#1 most highly trusted reasons
why tank-less instant water heating geysers is your #1 choice of high premium quality geysers that is reliable and a super green power and water saving cutting edge technology.

Welcome to the world's first smart geyser heating element technology, integrated with the highest quality metals to produce a super powerful heating system that heats water within seconds, Solid; strong; high performance with the lowest power consumption, tank-less geyser on the market.
A unique geyser element designed to support high water pressure at a set desired temperature with a constant flow rate.
High superior quality geyser element is designed for a long lifespan with zero maintenance and no lime scale build-up unlike the conventional tank system.
Our stainless steel geyser element as the highest capacity among the industry to contain and absorb heat.    

Research as shown an estimated amount of over 60% of water loss happens while showering, one of the major key factors of the igeyser instant water heaters design is to save water therefore the fact that the system is instant, unlike the conventional tank system with the igeyser you do not need to leave water running continuously you can now turn off the tape or mixer and when ready to take a rinse turning back on is instant at the set temperate, all thing are possible within seconds thanks to the igeyser tankless hot water heater geyser.
Our multi-functional tank-less water heater also saves 70% of water due to the smart engineering of the igeyser tank-less system you do not have to pre-mix anymore because of its quick stainless steel heating element heats cold water within seconds and arrive at the hot to the tap at the desired temperature set therefore no need to add cold water using the mixer, just only select the hot water tap side, unlike the conventional way boiling water need to mix with colder water until it as come to your desired temperature thus using more water.
Our igeyser tank-less geyser, support high pressure taps, all types

   At a glance the system may look like a silver smart compact box, but don't judge small system, igeyser is the most smartest automatic tank-less instant hot water geyser on the market today, that is designed for a modern world that presents daily power and water consumption challengers we face. Design for one extreme purpose to save, be safe and serve, a long lifespan.

   iGeyser key safety features include; Dual flame-resistant and waterproof material housing, tank-less smart geyser as multi on-board sensors that comply with power, over-temperature, water & electrical isolation, anti-power surge, anti-scalding and over-pressure protection.

​    Over five years of research and development into tank-less water heating technology systems and rigorous testing into an environment of power, water and maintenance saving, as earn us the computerized automated smart iGeyser, Designed for a life of endless guaranteed savings.

   iGeyser is the fastest growing tank-less super smart instant water heater geyser on the market, with immediate results with-in seconds, the system also detects taps that are not closed properly and if there is water loss, it protects the element from activation.

   Tank-less water heater as successful passed the pre-paid meter system tests with regard to power consumption, thus resulting in an estimated 70% savings


   Power used when required
   Power used only for the seconds or minutes that you are use hot water
   Premixes hot on a desired temperature, therefore cold water is not required to mix
   Water heated as required
   lowest maintenance
   Longest lasting stainless steel element design
   Full automation
   Far likely to cause damagers

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