Ashmax is an global internet moneymaking system that allows the average internet

user to make an income from home. This is a gateway program that combines

memberships from two online enterprises that offer their members high comissions

for subscription to their services. This is available for the  low start up cost of $25 usd,

and monthly subscription costs of $15 per month.

In return for recruiting five people to this system, provided that every member does the

same, you can earn $22300 usd per month. This is due to a 5x5 forced matrix system

that both companies use, which creates a substantial income for active members of

the Ashmax scheme.

Creator Ash Mufarah has designed the program so it has a time limit of 20 days to

sign five people. This ensures that the $22300 per month that is mentioned can be

achieved in as little as 100 days.

Ashmax also offers the training and tools to help its members succeed in this,

including webinars and networks on skype for sharing information between members.

Ashmax also offers a free trial of the system, so people can look into the system and

see if it works for them.