Ash Sanborn has created TFOJB -- not only a great theatre piece but also a way to get through the pain of sequester and other economic storms in community through Time Dollar and barter, and realizing we need each other.

Ash Sanborn wrote her first play at the age of 8. She never forgot the joy and power of bringing life to stage. She spent years of her preteen and early teenage years running around the north side of Sioux City, Iowa recruiting neighbor kids to act in her plays and their parents to sit on folding chairs in the audience.

She studied playwriting with Dr. Wayne Knutson and Dr. Kenn Robbins at the University of South Dakota.

She has been part of National Playwriting Month in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Her plays include "The Feast of Jovi Bono," "Brigid Kildare's Steelworks" and "Clarity."

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