The Company is currently establishing or acquiring operations in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the United States.  The Company’s core services include Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), high capacity data circuits (IPLC, VPN, VLAN) and Internet Data Center (IDC) services. The Company has assembled the necessary telecommunications licenses to provide services across China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the United States.  The initial focus is on VoIP and high capacity data circuits.  The Company has contracts to utilize fiber connections between Hong Kong and China and the United States and Vietnam.  These services will be revenue generating in 2010.

The Company is also assembling new technologies that it can distribute in the Asia market area. The Company recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for a state of the art video compression technology that promises to greatly reduce the bandwidth required to deliver high quality video content over fixed and mobile wired and wireless platforms.  In addition, this technology could radically reduce the amount of data storage that is required to retain all types of video content, such as television programming, security camera feeds, sporting events and movies. This represents an extremely large revenue opportunity.  The Company’s relationships with the large fixed and mobile carriers in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam will expedite introducion of this more cost effective method of delivering downloadable or streaming media content to subscribers.  This new technology should enable carriers to expand their content offerings, by better utilizing their scarce network resources.