The latest research revealed that 73% of users’ content on ASKfm contains images, photos, memes, and gifs. Whatsmore, 1 in 10 questions is PAP (Post a Picture). “We always stay on top of what ASKfm users like”, says Annie Mullins OBE (Communications and Safety Officer at ASKfm). “That’s why we constantly upgrade the service to meet users’ needs and provide them with fresh and most importantly, the necessary functionality.”

How it works
To create a photo-poll, the user simply has to upload two photos, add a question or caption, and publish. The poll will appear on their ASKfm profile and on their followers’ Walls. Push notifications about the poll will be sent to the user’s favorite followers. Each follower can then vote for one option or another with hitting like on the preferable picture.

The most popular polls will be shown in Discover feed*, which allows one to explore the hottest discussions around and even take part in them. There is always an opportunity to become an author of a trendy poll, and even gain new followers from it.
“As always, ASKfm’s new feature is a combination of what our users need and our core values,” Annie Mullins OBE says, — “Connecting with people around them, getting quick, valuable feedback on what users are curious about, and finally a brand new way of self-expression on ASKfm is what the new feature is really all about.”

Now it takes just a few minutes to choose one option, when looking for advice from a friend/expert; or to find out among friends who/what is better (for example, Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez or Nicki Minaj, cats or dogs, Android or iOS); as well as asking a spin on the popular "Would you rather?" hypothetical question.

There is the possibility of engaging not only friends, but the entire local community to participate in a poll to make it even more fun and filled with a diversity of opinions.

There are already first impressions on the ASKfm photo-polls. “I like it because it incorporates more than one person”, — said Mia (16 years). Monica (15 years) said, that she would use it to see gossip and to share photos after events.  “It creates a dialog between everyone. Knowing everyone’s favorite artist means you can create connections off of that too”, — said Tyler (18 years).

*Discover feed is a feature released by ASKfm in November, 2016. Discover feed allows users to see the most popular questions and answers from people in their area (city/state/country) and with shared common interests.

About ASKfm
ASKfm is the world’s largest Q&A social network, where more than 150 million members in more than 150 countries connect and engage by asking each other questions. ASKfm’s leadership is dedicated to making the ASKfm service safer and more positive. We are significantly investing in technology, people and leadership to transform our service and earn your trust.

ASKfm core values are:
#1 Connection
Establishing a community of people you are curious about whose opinions matter to you.
#2 Curiosity
Be curious. Get to know your friends, the world, and yourself.
#3 Self-expression
Realize your potential and recognize when opportunity knocks - explore, create, share and appreciate.

Media Contact: Nadiia Koval, PR manager at ASKfm, nadiia.koval@ask.fm