I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and currently reside in Miami, Florida.  A lot of people know me as Lois Lane.

I am a writer and self-proclaimed political activist in the making.

As a former recording artist, I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in marketing with an emphasis on Internet Marketing from Full Sail University. I am also working towards the completion of my autobiography Baloney Sandwiches.

My mission is to: pass on the valuable knowledge I have gained in my musical endeavors, to showcase outstanding, new talent, and to help artists devise a solid plan to become successful.

My other objective is to bring about awareness of current social problems within the United States and abroad through an online medium, and to provide a platform for free speech resulting in progressive, compassionate, action-based human evolvement.

Experience: Featured on Trinas first Gold album The Baddest Bitch (Ni**as Aint Sh*t); Wrote and performed theme song at American Airlines Arena for former WNBA team Miami Sol; Performed in countless venues and was paid well; 2 years Ã�¢Rhythm City Record Pool  street team promotions, tracking record sales, obtaining prime placement of client CDs and/or promotional materials; 1 year  DJ for #1 underground radio station in Miami, Florida  Ive also sat in on many live commercial radio shows; Toured with latter version of 2 Live Crew as artist and dancer; Produced, maintained, and directed former online radio station; Chief Editor for former online magazine; Self taught Pro-tools well enough to record, edit and implement basic mixing techniques; Built my own printing business from the ground up and handled the majority of the graphic design, all the advertising and sales.

Artists and producers Ive worked with: Diaz Brothers, Bigg D (Derrick Baker), Trina, Scarface, Too Short, Lazy Bone, Pit Bull, Jarmo Pohjaneimi (Photographer and Producer for Playboy Magazine), Isaac Hayes, Funk Boogie (Take It To Da House), Mekhi Phifer (8-mile, Soul Food), Jamal Woolard aka Gravey (played Biggie in Notorious B.I.G.), Gorilla Tek (Iconz Music), House of Tre (who subsequently produced and engineered for Alicia Keyes) and more.


Lois Lane Miami