ASPA is unique among Independent Physician Associations because of its longevity, size, and the number of individuals that may use IPA providers. ASPA was incorporated in Arizona in 1986 as a physician-owned cooperative. It currently has more than 2,400 members who have completed a rigorous credentialing process.

Members include all major physician specialties, physical therapists, psychologists and other health care providers who practice throughout Arizona. Plans need only contract with ASPA to access a comprehensive provider network. More than 1,000,000 individuals are eligible to receive care from ASPA members through various payor agreements.

Our Mission:

* Expand contracting opportunities by maintaining a comprehensive network of credentialed providers located throughout the state that practice cost-effective medicine.

* Maximize revenue and minimize costs by assisting physicians manage the business component of their practices and by making state-of-the-art software, practice management and other needed services available to members at competitive prices.

* Elevate the status of physicians in the health care industry.