Aspen Systems, Inc. (ASI) specializes in creating cooling solutions for use in extreme environments and unique applications. Our products utilize our own miniature rotary compressor that is now in high volume production in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  Compact, lightweight systems for a broad range of applications are made possible by our miniature vapor compression technology.  Our refrigeration systems provide high efficiency cooling with minimal power use to meet the challenges of our customer’s demanding needs. Whether you need a system ruggedized for extreme industrial or military use, or one that enables us to design an application for optimal performance in the smallest possible package, Aspen Systems can show the way to manage your thermal loads.

We offer a line of Environmental Control Units (ECU-Chill™) for use in enclosures and transit cases, and customized electronic cooling systems to meet specific customer requirements. Our ruggedized vapor compression air conditioning systems bring the environment of a server room typical of an office building into mobile electronics enclosures keeping systems running below ambient and free of dust and contaminants. All of our products are built with the customer in mind. Let the Aspen team offer a solution to meet your needs.