Asset Panda is the revolutionary asset management application that organizes, tracks, and manages everything you own.

As a business or consumer, you can use Asset Panda’s integrated asset management system to catalog, organize, manage and share information about your assets, inventory, collectibles and possessions.

Typical applications include:

•     Home and collectibles inventory
•     Fixed asset management and tracking for businesses

The advantage of this system is an intuitive design that combines mobile apps tied to a cloud-based web system for easy item entry and access anytime/anywhere.  Thus, Asset Panda makes the inventory process simpler and faster.

You can upload any type of information that is related to your items, including photos, videos, receipts, warranties, user manuals, etc.   Asset Panda’s unique feature is an integrated barcode scanner within the app that allows you to use your smartphone as a barcode reader. Scan the barcode on any item with a valid UPC label and this tool will search Amazon and/or eBay for the relevant product information.

You can email information about your newest purchase directly to your insurance agent, and also share it with friends via Asset Panda’s Social Media Integration features.

Asset Panda keeps all documentation of your personal property, business assets, and collectibles in one secure location that you have access to 24/7.  Get started for FREE.

Visit us at www.assetpanda.com or download it directly from iTunes or Google Play stores.