Associated Property Management (APM) is one of the oldest management companies in Palm Beach County, APM has been specializing in community association management since 1988. APM represents more than 130 associations from Jupiter to Boca Raton and as far west as Wellington and Royal Palm Beach, Florida. APMs clients receive personal service from a specially trained and experienced staff that helps Board of Directors to reduce association expenses, increase property values and improve communications within their client communities.

APM has achieved great success since 1988 by consistently serving our clients with a service that is above the industry norm. Our staff, managers and outside support personnel all take pride in providing superior service in an ever changing and demanding field. Consequently, most of our growth has been achieved by way of referrals from satisfied clients, and from other professionals within the industry that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

APM has grown from a small bookkeeping firm, which provided related services to self-managed Associations, to a full-service firm providing bookkeeping, management, supervision, maintenance and consulting services to over 130 Condominiums, Property Owners' and Homeowners' Associations. In terms of size APM is within the "Top Ten" of management companies offering similar services.

APM enjoys an established track record of excellent service for our customers. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous, and we intend to continue our advances in the marketplace with more unique and instrumental services, which will not only gain more business, but to help us to meet our goals.

As each client association comes to our company, we try to assess, with that association, what their major problems are; their intended solutions and their priorities in trying to meet their objectives. We have learned that each association is unique and will have its own set of problems that must be met differently than another association. In most instances, we have found that good hard work, common sense and better supervision will solve many problems. This is just what we do as a collective organization when we work for you.


1. By professionally and accurately assessing our client's needs with our client's input and help.

2. By designing a comprehensive and cost-efficient property management and supervision program.

3. By monitoring all financial transactions with a superior, timely and accurate reporting system. Included, is the back-up and personnel that is needed for consistent results.

4. Finally, providing consistent service, 24-hours a day in all areas of the Association's operations.

The staff of Associated Property Management of the Palm Beaches, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to provide their services in the areas of management, supervision, operations, financial management and administration for your Association.


Do everything in our power to enhance your property values as cost effectively as possible and enhance the quality of life of your residents.

Listen to the Board of Directors' wishes, needs and desires.

Provide the time, resources and back-up to achieve your goals.

Provide 24-hour emergency service. If the "Contact" person is not available, someone from the company will respond to that call.

Commit our resources and years of experience to serve you, your Board of Directors and your Association Members to the best of our ability.