Assured Systems is a leading technology company offering high quality and innovative computer solutions to the embedded, industrial, and digital-out-of-home market sectors. You will find our products in a diverse range of applications throughout our key verticals, which include energy, transportation, defence, automation, process control, medical, asset tracking, narrowcasting, gaming and multimedia.

Located in Stafford, England,  our vision was to create a truly innovative company which offers customers the best technology available, whilst keeping a keen focus on quality, reliability, long-term support and ultimately, value. This methodology ensures everyone in the supply chain stays competitive and ahead of their rivals – we’re redefining the win-win mentality needed for successful partnerships.

With over 15 years combined global market experience, Assured Systems is your number one choice for:

Embedded Single Board Computers
Embedded Computer Systems
Panel PCs & HMIs
Rackmount Servers
Industrial Touchscreen Monitors
Ruggedised Laptops & Handhelds
Ruggedised Tablets
Industrial Communication
Industrial Networking Products

We source our core technology directly from manufacturers around the world; our impressive portfolio includes products from both Asia and the Americas. Suppliers are carefully chosen through site visits and face-to-face meetings, and products selected which offer our clients the best choice of technology available on the market today.