AstroCharcha Launch: Astrology Website that gives Wholesome Information about Every Branch of Astrology
AstroCharcha.com is an innovative website that takes you into the world of astrology and its many beliefs and traits. Astrology, though not scientifically defined, is an anecdotal theory that defines the relationship between the astronomical phenomenon and people. The website offers intriguing astrology services based on the movements of planetary objects, the sun, and the moon.
AstroCharcha offers different types of astrology readings, including horoscope – daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, yearly horoscope reading based on the date of birth of individuals. Taking into consideration the ancient Indian Vedic astrology and Jyotish astrology, AstroCharcha aims to offer perfect readings to people for peace of mind and happiness.
Introducing Wide Range of Astrology Services
AstroCharcha provides numerology reading consisting of various belief systems that can reveal the relationship between numbers and the person. It is one of the finest and most delicate systems representing the significance of the birth numbers with respect to the personality, personal life, and belief of a person. Expert numerologists can predict future events by using numerology technique for prediction and solution.
India is the land of traditions and Kundali Milan is an important part of the system. Horoscope, or Kundli, is made based on the date, time and place of birth of an individual. This data is used to predict the future of a man/woman. Furthermore, kundali Milan is a concept in which the horoscopes of a man and woman are matched before the wedding to determine their compatibility. It is the most revered form of compatibility astrology and a common belief in India.
Vastu Shastra
The conventional Hindu architecture is defined as Vastu Shastra – the science of architecture. It takes into account the layout, design, preparation, geometry, and measurement of buildings, homes, and offices, and defines what is auspicious and what is not. AstroCharcha provides some serious advice on Vastu Shastra to bring in happiness at home and improve your business.
Tantra Mantra
Tantra is a discreet astrological practice that remedies black magic spells. AstroCharcha experts offer relief to the victims of black magic through basic ritual practices. It is surprising to see the number of black magic cases in rural and urban areas. With the help of tantra vidya, it is possible to gain control over one’s life.

Tarot Card Readings
Tarot card readings can provide an accurate prediction about the future, or some issues that are disturbing your present life. AstroCharcha provides daily tarot reading based on the card you choose. This reading can be done online. Tarot readings also determine love life, personality, business, health, and money.
Choghadiya is a different branch of astrology that works on the ability to divide the day into several auspicious and inauspicious units. The units carry from city to city, country to country. It is one of the most accurate predictions to determine how your day would pass and what the good or bad things that might happen to you during the day are. Only proper calculated methods can give you accurate Choghadiya readings. At AstroCharcha, experts handle this kind of reading to provide 100% satisfactory result.
The study of an individual’s character and personality traits can be determined by the shape, size, structure and lines of both hands as well as fingers. The lines change over time and palm readers can predict the future of an individual through this study.
AtsroCharcha deals with all these fields of astrology and provides accurate astrology readings online.
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