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Our approach is a Perfect blend of principles of Vedic astrology with modern science and a sincere devotion and dedication in analyzing each individual Horoscope . We emphasize the Completeness of Solutions.  

We, specialize in  : Accurate future predictions based on Vedic Astrological  method supported by Palmistry , Numerology and Quick Astro Solutions.

We, not only predict , but also  provide most Accurate & Quick Effective solutions to your problems and help achieve Result & Success in your desired field.
We, Specialize  in providing guidance on suitability of Gemstones based on planetary influence in your charts. Match-making and achieving success in marriage, business , career & all fronts of your Life.

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Palmestry                               Career & Business
Vaastu                                       Love & Marriage
Numerology                               Match Making
Fengshui                                    Progeny Report
Gemology                                   Life Prediction
Muhurta                                 Wealth & Finance
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The Career Success Report contains your career problems and also tells about Career Growth Forecast, Job Promotion Report. It helps you to further enhance the Compatibility with Co-worker and Communication Skills.


Everyone desires to be a successful businessman. Vedic Astrology describes about your business and suggests when should you start your venture, will you be successful in business? We will help you to give accurate and correct suggestions.
Astrology plays very important role in marriage and in conjugal happiness. In this section we give detailed compatibility report according to gunas system. One can also ask for other issues like love partnership and friendship.

Are you curious about your future? Get complete analyzed report yearwise and get relaxed. This report reveals about your Health, Career and much more from now till next birthday.

This report covers about Child Birth. After analyzing your horoscope we describe which is the best time for your child birth and are there any problems like miscarriage or is there any delay for child bliss.  

Numerology is the science of numbers. A method of character analysis which uses numbers and birth data to solve life related problems. Powerful names, colours, numbers convert your failures into success. We will give you a complete life time Numerology Report that will cover most powerful numbers to have happiness, prosperity and name and fame in your life.

You get a detailed life reading including Health, Career, Business, Success in all efforts, Failure in actions from your birth to your complete life span. If any remedial action is required to overcome problems or gain name, fame and prosperity, you can ask 3 more questions to us about your life and we will answer the same.

Gems have power to cure and prevent illness, problems and obstacles in your life. Various stones are worn to enjoy love, friendship, career growth, leadership, health and fortune. Get a complete Astrology Report about you that which Gems can bring happiness, job satisfaction and career growth in your life.

In this Report we suggest corporate world to experience this service to make global presence and dynamic progress. We suggest Name, Brand, Colours accordingly using Numerology, Astrology and Vaastu to maximize your profits and leadership. We also suggest remedial actions or gems to maximize efforts for Directors, Owners and Proprietors.

Health is most important factor in our life. This report covers about your health related problems and reveals due to which malefic planets this occured. Is it curable or not, when will it be sorted out. We suggest powerful remedial actions to nullify your health problems.

Starting of any work during a favourable planetory configuration always brings positive results. Know about best auspicious time for marriage, moving into new house, making investment and much more.

In this section we suggest most powerful Vedic Yagnas to solve your all life related problems. Experience the power of Mantras that how it works? Faith and Novel intentions are the only key to have happiness and prosperity