LOS ANGELES, California – In a world becoming increasingly interconnected with businesses exploring markets across the globe, the language service industry has been growing at an impressive rate to meet the demands of multilingual clients. But with such a diverse range of clients, languages, projects and needs, one company is rising up at setting the standard for quality, accuracy and speed: Ata Translation Agency.

Ata Translation is a multinational language service provider with more than 15 years of experience working in all aspects of translation, interpretation, and localization services. While many language service providers often face obstacles with finding translators in less-common languages or specialized in more obscure technical lingo, Ata Translation taps into its global presence, proudly offering translation services in more than 300 languages in all subject fields and sectors.

“We believe that in order to be a leader in the industry, you have to understand the needs of the customer,” said Aytekin Şirin, founder of Ata Translation Agency. “That’s why we have such a long list of languages, offer so many diverse services and only work with human translation. Whatever our clients might need, we are ready to deliver the best possible outcome.”

When it comes to offering affordable services, many companies have turned to the cheaper but much less accurate process of machine translation. Ata Translation has built its infrastructure around the idea that humans, not machines, have the ability to draw the most accurate translation from complicated, technical or literary texts. Machine translation might seem like a fast and easy option for some, but Ata Translation prioritizes customer satisfaction, quality, and accuracy – things machine translation can’t deliver.

The two most basic services Ata Translation offers are translation and interpretation, common services found throughout the language service industry that most people know. But moving into the more complicated side of professional language services, Ata Translation offers everything from proofreading and editing, transcription, transcreation and internationalization, multilingual desktop publishing, and a number of different localization services.

More infomation: https://atatranslation.com/