Atelier Maison Ltd design and manufacture a range of the finest linens and home furnishings available - anywhere in the world.

We have our own unique and exclusive designs, which you won't find anywhere else. Products include hand embroidered bedlinens, made especially for us, rare hand woven cashmere bedspreads, handmade cashmere throws made by Sherpas living in the foothills of the Himalayas, and beautiful handmade needlepoint tapestry cushions, all ready made up for you!

Bespoke Service:
Atelier Maison offers a unique Bespoke Serive, and we can work on a one to one basis with you to help create a completely unique and personal design of bedlinen or table linen, or indeed any other interior furnishings.  For instance, if you have a particular design in mind, or you have a family heirloom you'd like to re-create, a family crest or moto, or if you'd love to create your very own unique designs, we can help.

You are involved in every step of the design process, Atelier Maison will produce detailed draft drawings, sample linen/cotton and thread swatches.  Customers are involved at each stage of the process, so we are sure to produce exactly what you require.

Made with Integrity:
We work directly with craftspeople and artisans to create our own bespoke designs.  Our artisans are renowned for their sublime embroidery skills for and have carried on these skills and traditions for Centuries. All of our products are ethically produced, meaning no-one is exploited, or works in an unsafe environment.  We have great respect for our craftspeoples cultures.

The goats are not sheared in the tradtional way, but shed their hair naturally, it is this hair that is collected by hand and this is termed Cashmere Wool.  The very fine inner layer of shed hair is sorted out from the rest, entirely by hand, and this extraordinarily superior hair is termed Pashmina Wool.  Very few textiles are now made with 100% Cashmere or 100% Pashmina Wool, mainly because of the expense, but ours are!!  What's more they are made with the very finest Wool available!  Our throws and bedspreads are woven on ancient looms, and no two pieces are exactly the same.  Our highly sought after bedspreads have sold all over the World!  

Atelier Maison is working closely with small manufacturers in Nepal to make stunning ethical 100% Cashmere Throws especially for us.  Our throws are completely handmade from beginning to end!  The Cashmere wool is collected by hand, dyed by hand, woven by hand, and hand tied!  So you know you're getting something very special when you purchase one of our throws!  They are supersoft, luxurious and make gorgeous baby blankets too.  

Needlepoint & Savonnerie:
Each of our handmade needlepoint  cushions take 1 WEEK to make by a skilled craftsperson.  Needlepoint is a type of canvas work. It is made with a yarn (or thread) being stitched by hand into a canvas - with warp and wefts - to form a design or pattern.  Tapestry is woven by hand onto a canvas, but the emphasis is on being woven rather than stitched by hand.

We also have Aubusson cushions which are hand woven, available, please just ask us.  The wool is especially dyed for us, according to each design, then each cushion is delicately hand embroidered and stitched by real artisans, who take great pride in their work.  We know you will love our needlepoints/tapestries too.  Again these are ethically produced for us by outworkers living in remote farming communities who have utilised ancient skills and diversified from farming.

Savonnerie workshops were founded in Paris in 1628, to supply crowned Heads of Europe, and important commissions. These rugs were woven by a Royal Manufacturer for Louis XIV to Louis XVI & His Queen Marie Antoinette.  Only the King was able to own or rarely sell a savonnerie carpet; this lead to the development of the Aubusson.

Aubusson is a region in France, where woven wool carpets/rugs and cushions were created mainly for sophisticated wealthy European families.  These carpets emulated the designs of the Savonnerie, and graced luxurious salons since the 17 Century.  These woven rugs and cushions are still hugely sought after today, and are rightly prized.

The types of stitching, threads and canvas used for needlepoint, make it useful and more durable than any other type of needlecraft. Contemporary designers such as Gisela Graham, Ralph Lauren and Sir Paul Smith are now producing needlepoints in their own designs.

Atelier Maison has unique designs, produced especially for us!  Our cushions are still made by the traditional method, extremely exclusive and are beautifully durable; they should last a lifetime!